Fergan Chávez Ferrer D.F.P. Since 2004, works as Director of Photography for the film and advertising industry in Latin America. He is currently based in México City.
In 2010 was released his second feature film as DP, “Octubre” (“October”), from Peruvian directors Daniel and Diego Vega. It was the first Peruvian movie to receive an award at the prestigious Cannes Festival, winning the Jury Price at its 63rd edition. Also, Octubre became one of the most awarded films in Peruvian history. In 2013, was released "El Mudo" (“The Mute”), also by the Vega brothers. This movie won the award for best actor at the International Festival of Locarno, and was considered by the critics as the best Peruvian movie of the year. "Perro Guardián" (“Guard Dog”) by Bacha Caravedo and Daniel Higashionna was released at the Montreal Festival 2014. Won Best Actor and Best Film Directing at the Málaga Film Festival. He also has worked as DP in successful comercial films.“A los 40” (2014) holds the third place in history at the Peruvian box office and “Sinister Circle” (2015) is the most awarded and best selling horror film in Perú.

In advertising, he has filmed several tv commercials for the most prestigious multinational trademarks and lovemarks in the Latin American market. Likewise, he has received awards for best cinematography and plenty of his work has been shortlisted in the most important advertising festivals in the world. He is founder and active member of Peruvian Society of Cinematographers: La Asociación de Autores y Directores de Fotografía Cinematográfica Peruanos (D.F.P.)



The Elevator (El Ascensor) - Post production

fiction - scifi comedy, 90 min, dir. Daniel Bernal, Mexico 2017

Beyond the Mountain (Detrás de la Montaña) - Post production

fiction - drama, 100 min, dir. David R. Romay, Mexico 2017

Sinister Circle (Cementerio General 2)

fiction - terror, 90min, dir. Dorian Fernandez - Moris, Peru 2016

  1. -Independent Horror Movie Awards, - best movie award - best actress award - best scare                 award - best cinematography nominee USA 2015

The Empty Classroom (segment “Alondra”)

fiction - drama, 120min, dir. Daniel and Diego vega, Mexico/Peru 2015

Guard dog (Perro Guardián)

fiction - thriller, 100min, dir. Bacha Caravedo y Daniel Higashionna, Peru 2014

  1. -Málaga international film festival, - best director - best actor, Málaga - Spain 2015

  2. -Montreal international film festival, - official selection,Montreal - Canada 2014

Good old boys (Viejos amigos)

fiction - comedy, 90min, dir. Fernando Villarán, Peru 2014

At 40´s (A los 40)

fiction - comedy, 90min, dir. Bruno Ascenzo, Peru 2014

The Mute (El Mudo)

fiction - dark comedy, 100min, dir. Daniel and Diego Vega, Peru/Mexico/France 2013

  1. -Locarno international film festival, - silver leopard best actor, Locarno-Switzerland 2013

La Cantuta in the Devil’s mouth (La Cantuta en la Boca del Diablo)

documentary, 130 min, dir. Amanda Gonzales Córdova, Perú 2011

October (Octubre)

fiction - dark comedy, 85 min, dir. Daniel and Diego Vega, Peru/Venezuela/Spain 2010

  1. -Minsk international film festival - grand prix, Minsk-Belarus 2010

  2. -Mumbai film festival - young critics award, Mumbai-India 2010

  3. -Motovum film festival 12 - best film award, Motovum-Croatia 2010

  4. -Odessa international film festival - special jury mention, Odessa-Ukraine 2010

  5. -63rd film festival of Cannes - jury prize “un certain regard”, Cannes-France 2010

I’ll tell you in the morning (Mañana te cuento)

fiction - comedy, 90 min, dir. Eduardo Mendoza de Echave, Peru/Spain 2005

  1. -26th international film festival of la havana 2005 - official selection; La Havana-Cuba 2005


The Tomb (La Tumba)

fiction - drama, 25min, dir. Maria Eugenia Morón, Mexico 2015

The Children (Los niños)

fiction - comedy, 10min, dir. Gonzalo Ladines, Peru 2014

  1. -Peruvian short films award DAFO 2014 - best film award / best director award, Lima-Peru 2014

Graffiti & a gun

fiction - drama, 14 min, dir. Jean Paul Du Bois, Peru 2012

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2012 - best film award, Lima-Peru 2012

A love evicted (Un amor en desalojo)

fiction - thriller, 12 min, dir. Mauricio Torres Bohl, Peru 2011

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2011 - best film award, Peru 2011

Intensive care (Cuidados intensivos)

fiction - drama, 20 min, dir. Brian Jacobs, Peru 2011

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2011 - best film award / best director award, Peru 2011

The Third (El Tercero)

fiction - drama, 15 min, dir. Iván D’Onadio, Peru 2010

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2010 - best cinematography award; Peru 2010

Domestic animals (Animales domésticos)

fiction - drama, 18 min, dir. Brian Jacobs, Peru 2009

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2009 - best film award / best director award, Peru 2009

  2. -Tregor film festival 2009 - best film award / best actress award, Lannion-France 2009

Un-met (Desencuentro)

fiction -  drama, 17 min. dir. pancho tuesta, Peru 2008

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2008 - best film award / best cinematography award; Lima-Peru 2008

Left basment apartment (Interior bajo izquierda)

fiction - dark comedy, 18 min, dir. Daniel and Diego Vega, Peru 2008

  1. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2009 - best film award; Lima-Peru 2009

  2. -5th International film festival of Cuzco FENACO 2008 - best film prize; Cuzco-Peru 2008


fiction - drama, 12 min, dir. Bruno Ascenzo, Peru 2007

  1. -8th International student film festival of Buenos Aires FIEC 2008 - best cinematography award; Buenos Aires-Argentina 2008

  2. -4th International film festival of Cuzco FENACO 2007 - best film prize; Cuzco-Peru 2007

  3. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2007 - best film; Lima-Peru


fiction - drama, 3 min, dir. Christopher Day, Peru 2006

  1. -3rd International short film festival of Cuzco FENACO 2006 - best film award; Cuzco-Peru 2006


fiction - thriller, 21 min, dir. Eduardo Mendoza de Echave, Peru 2004

  1. -9th Toronto Hispano-American film festival - jury prize, Toronto-Canada 2006

  2. -Peruvian short films award CONACINE 2004 - best cinematography award; Lima-Peru 2004



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